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Why Insurance is Important for Commercial Landlords

As a commercial landlord, whether you rent out a single retail unit, or a portfolio of office premises, commercial landlord insurance is vital to protecting your investment, and your income, against expected issues and incidents.

For instance, it can help you recover if your commercial property is affected by a serious incident like fire or flood – covering the cost of repair or reinstatement and lost rental income. It can also cover your contents, step in if you are held liable for injuries sustained in your property, and defend you financially against issues like damage caused by tenants, vandalism, and criminal damage.

Cover is also available for extensive periods of time where your property may be unoccupied and we can also provide a solution for short term lets.

It is a fact that around 55% of the UK’s commercial property is rented and, combined, that property could be worth around £486 billion. Traditionally, the industry tends to be broken down across office space, retail units, and industrial premises and all bring their own challenges for landlords.

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