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What Is Commercial Combined Insurance?

A commercial combined insurance policy is a complete, comprehensive business cover in one single policy which brings together a range of common covers which are often required. It is mainly a good match for smaller businesses, wholesalers, engineers and manufacturers. A commercial combined policy will offer all round financial protection for your business, offering peace of mind as well as security. It can be tailored to cover different risks.

The main reason business owners choose commercial combined policies is because they offer great flexibility to cover a range of different risks under one policy. The cover can be tailored to cover different things. Many different business insurance essentials, such as employers' liability cover, professional indemnity and public liability can all be included, as well as more specific policies for your business, such as stock cover, or business interruption cover. By bundling a range of different insurances into one combined policy, you can simply handle one policy renewal for several different covers.

One of the top benefits of commercial combined insurance is the ease of use for the client – one policy to manage rather than several different policies, all with their own renewal dates. Another great benefit is the flexibility of the cover. There are such a wide range of different insurances which can be combined to make the ideal package of insurance products to suitably protect your business from the risks you face each day.

Many smaller businesses choose commercial combined insurance because they want to save time and have a versatile policy to match the needs of their business. It is a good choice for lots of different industries and trades, because you can gain all the cover you need under the roof of one policy.

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