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The Most Common Home Insurance Claims

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

So which home insurance claims are the most common and costly? These are the events that triggered the most homeowners insurance claims, according to national data.

1. Theft coming in at number 1 of all claims with an average claim cost of £4,264.

If you’d like to reduce your risk of theft even further, consider installing a home security system. Some insurers even offer premium discounts for doing this!

2. Fire and Lightning Damage comes in second. They tend to be the most expensive claims, with a whopping average price tag of £68,322. The good news? Homeowners insurance was originally designed to protect against fires, so coverage for fire claims is easy to find.

The bad news, obviously, is that fires can destroy a lot of property fast (hence the high cost of claims).

3. Water Damage & Freezing these claims are somewhat expensive, ranking third overall and coming in at about £10,234 on average. When pipes burst or appliances leak, serious damage can result. And it happens fairly often: more than one in five homeowners insurance claims relate to this type of water damage.

4. Non-Theft Property Damage and Miscellaneous property damage can take a million forms: a tree falling through your roof, a football shattering your window, a rubbish truck backing into your brand-new garage. Because of the sheer variety here, the average cost of these types of claims isn’t too informative. But for the record, it’s £5,823.

4. Let’s all be glad liability claims are rare because they tend to be expensive. As a refresher, liability refers to your duty toward other people. So when a guest is injured or has their property damaged while visiting your home, you may have liability for their medical costs or the costs to repair or replace their property. The good news: most homeowners insurance policies offer liability protection.

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