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The Average Homeowner Has Potentially More than £1,200 of Uninsured Goods in Sheds and Garden Spaces

Standard buildings and contents insurance policies usually include a certain amount of cover for items kept in the garden or shed. However, two-thirds of Brits have never listed a key ‘outside’ item of value on their home insurance policy - leaving them with a potentially costly bill if thieves make off with the goods.

The research by Money Super Market revealed the average value of goods in a British garden is £1,270 – meaning a potential £24 BILLION is left uninsured across the United Kingdom.

Residents in the West Midlands have the highest value items in their garden (£1,525), while those living in the North East have the least valuable goods (£853).

It also emerged garden furniture is the most common item to be kept outside, followed by DIY tools, bikes and BBQs.

But those living in the West Midlands are also most likely to have had items stolen previously at 23 per cent, compared to the national average of 16 per cent. DIY tools, bicycles and garden tools were the most common items stolen from gardens and sheds.

It is advised for people to minimise the risk of theft by fitting locks to garden gates and installing lighting to put off any would-be-thieves. The comparison website also advises bicycle owners to make sure they’re securely locked and to also know your insurance policy.

Helen Chambers, head of home insurance at Money Super Market, said: “Particularly in the summer months, there’s the temptation to leave items of value outside overnight or keep your shed unlocked, but that could leave you open to a risk of burglary and in turn, possibly void your home cover if you need to make a claim.

Most standard contents insurance policies include a small amount of cover for garden items, but specifics can vary wildly – so it’s worth checking to ensure that your valuable items are fully covered.

The home insurance market is very competitive, so it’s also worth checking if you could get a cheaper premium elsewhere. If you haven’t switched for a while, that’s probably going to be the case.

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