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Has lockdown DIY killed your cover?

As the lockdown ensured all but essential workers were essentially housebound, Brits began to turn their attention to DIY – presumably deciding that if they were going to spend more time indoors then those homes should be as pleasant as possible.

In fact, according to a new study from Aviva, 85 per cent of UK adults have undertaken home improvements during lockdown. This includes everything from de-cluttering to gardening to bigger projects that require some serious remodeling.

But while cosmetic DIY like painting or putting up shelves has no impact on insurance, more extensive updates do. Failure to declare such work could risk invalidating an existing home insurance policy.

As tradespeople and builders are allowed back to work in people’s homes those larger planned projects are now starting up. It’s essential property owners inform their insurer before they begin any major projects like extensions or loft conversions. Otherwise, if they come to claim they might find their insurer won’t pay out.

The biggest risks to home insurance. Policies vary from provider to provider so read your small print so you can clearly understand what is within your own and what puts it at risk.

Aviva advises always telling a home insurer before renovating or altering a property. That allows them to decide whether they can provide cover both during the work and afterwards, when the property will be different to the home they insured.

If your home insurer is happy to continue cover during building work then make sure you know what that cover includes.

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