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Extent of decline in UK home insurance claims

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A study examined the decline in home insurance claims during the March 23 to May 31 coronavirus lockdown and found the following drop rates for the period, along with the corresponding ‘savings’ estimates for the whole year:

  • London -19.32%

  • South East -18.62%

  • North West -19.08

  • East of England -16.76%

  • South West -17.01%

  • West Midlands -16.05%

  • Yorkshire and The Humber -16.99%

  • East Midlands -18.22%

  • North East -17.94%

Additionally, they projected the estimated year-on-year slide in insurer expenses by claim types. These include water damage (12.99%), weather damage (11.45%), fire damage (11.77%), theft & burglary (13.3%), accidental damage (12.04%), domestic subsidence (15.63%), and other domestic claims (12.04%).

It is not a surprise to see that home insurance claims have decreased in a significant way over 2020, with many Britons stuck at home during a year where very restrictive measures were taken to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

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