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Do I need Tenants Contents Insurance?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Your Landlord may have taken buildings insurance to cover the buildings of the property that you rent, however they are not liable to insure your personal possessions in their property - unless the tenancy agreement explicitly says so.

Whether or not you consider if Tenants insurance is necessary is entirely up to you. No-one can insist you take out an insurance policy as part of a tenancy agreement. Knowing that your landlord likely isn’t responsible for your contents, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to insure your personal possessions by taking out a Tenants insurance policy.

Home contents insurance isn’t just for home owners. You’ll probably still have your own possessions, from clothing to records to furniture. No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen and you may find yourself out of pocket. By taking out tenant home contents insurance for tenants, you can ensure that if your belongings are stolen or damaged whilst you’re renting a property, you won’t have to worry about covering the costs. So, if there’s a fire in the house or flat you live in, the property’s flooded, or someone breaks in and steals your belongings you’re covered.

When do I need to take out Tenants Insurance?

If you’re about to rent a property, now is a good time to consider taking out Tenants Insurance, although you can take out tenants home insurance at any time whilst you’re renting a property. Having cover in place for when you move in can give peace of mind from a safety net to protect you if something goes wrong.

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