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Did you buy a lockdown hot tub or spent money on other equipment?

Even if you have not used lockdown to undertake a major project, it is still a good idea to reassess a home contents policy if you have spent money making a home more enjoyable during lockdown.

There have been spikes in sales of gaming equipment and electronics, while the closure of gyms means many more people invested in home exercise equipment and bikes.

With few people hoping to jet off to some sun, there has also been a boom in sales of garden equipment like trampolines, hot tubs and paddling pools.

Simon Stanney, general insurance director at SunLife, recommends homeowners take a moment to check they are covered for any new purchases under their contents policy.

“Insuring your home and its contents for the right amount is crucial to guarantee any claim you make will be paid in full,” he says.

“Because if you make a claim for a certain amount and your insurer discovers you’ve said your possessions are worth less than their true value – even if you have done this accidentally – you will receive less money or may not get a payout at all.

“So if you have bought a new bike, new garden furniture or upgraded your home tech, make sure you ask your insurer to confirm that your policy provides sufficient cover for your needs.”

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