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10 Tips to Keep Christmas Criminals Away!

If you're looking forward to Christmas, bear in mind that thieves are gleefully anticipating it too - last year, there was a substantial increase in insurance claims for burglaries in winter, particularly over the Xmas period.

Halifax Home Insurance reported a 35 per cent increase in claims for forced burglary in the darker months, compared to lighter months, and as homes are often unoccupied for long periods around Christmas - when people visit family and friends - some reports suggest the rate of break-ins rises by up to 20 per cent.

Yet according to research from ADT Fire and Security over three quarters of Brits admit to inadequately protecting their homes.

National Police Chiefs' Council says: "Police officers know how distressing a burglary is for victims, especially over the Christmas period. It isn't just the loss of valuable and sentimental items, but it can also leave families feeling less safe in their own home."

Here are 10 tips to keep those pesky criminals away;

1) Double lock your doors – use a dead or double lock on your outside doors

2) Don’t leave your presents under the tree – don’t make them visible

3) Carefully leave your lights on – make them think someone is home

4) Carefully dispose of wrapping and present packaging – don’t advertise the goods

5) Don’t leave valuables near letterbox – prevent ‘letterbox fishing’

6) Carefully place your calendar – if visible, thieves can see when you’re out

7) Lock any outbuildings – shreds and garages make sure are locked

8) Don’t overshare on social media – burglars can tell where you are if you share

9) Key placing – make sure your keys aren’t visible through any windows

10) Bathroom – be wary that thieves can tell when your occupied in the shower

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