Flood Area Insurance

Floods have saturated British property for years, and the weather shows no sign of letting up.

Oncover sits proudly on the panel for both BIBA (British Insurance Brokers’ Association) and The National Flood Federation for helping clients that are in Flood areas and finding it difficult to obtain cover or where premiums have increased dramatically.

At Oncover, property insurance is provided at reasonable rates, and will continue to remain a priority.

We have an exclusive product that you can take advantage of:-

  • Home or Landlords Insurance for people living in Flood areas that insurers have increased their premiums on or are finding it hard to get insurance in the first place as they are in a postcode that is affected even though they have never been flooded
  • The beauty of this insurance product is if you the client do not claim, the premium goes to Charity
  • Oncover can activate cover immediately in house

Testimonials/Case Studies

Alan Purkiss, Retired Town Councillor (Borough of Tewkesbury)

“My insurance premium had risen sharply in recent years and my insurer was unhelpful. I was recommended to Oncover Insurance, they saved me nearly one third off my previous premium. They visited and took details before presenting the facts to Underwriters who were persuaded by them to insure me at reasonable cost. The premium is loaded initially due to a 2007 flood claim but I may expect it to reduce whilst I don’t claim.  With my previous insurer I could only expect premium increases even without claims.  I am delighted.”

Mr Norris

Mr Norris recently purchased a property which underwent renovations for several months after completion resulting in the property uninhabitable. When trying to obtain Buildings Insurance they came across extremely high premiums and very restricted cover as the property would be unoccupied. Oncover negotiated with Insurers to accept the risk straight away with a highly competitive premium. What also impressed the client was how easy is was to amend the policy when they moved into the property and added contents cover to their policy.
Mr Smith

Many people call us for cover on properties that have previously subsided or Flooded as it is very difficult to find a reasonable premium with full cover for these types of properties. Mr Smith has been a client of ours since the beginning of 2006, whose home suffered from subsidence. For several years Mr Smith had an Insurance policy which excluded subsidence as a result of this. However, when the risk was put forward to Insurers by Oncover it was accepted straight away with Subsidence included in the cover. On top of this, the premium was over £120 less than the previous year which also included increased cover in other areas. Overall the client received more cover for a much better value. We continue to save money with great rates for areas suffering from subsidence, heave, landslip or flooding.

Useful information to have for a quote:

  • The proximity of water, in metres from the nearest water course
  • History of flooding in the area
  • Defences installed since the flooding
  • Flood claims history

The Flood Risk Home Insurance policy we offer include all the features you require from a high quality, competitively priced insurance policy.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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