Hairdresser & Salon Insurance

There are many elements to Hairdressers and Salon insurance. If you own or run a Hairdressers or Salon, you should understand the importance of having the right insurance cover for your business covering against a wide range of risks.

Your business is your livelihood and it is therefore vitally important that you take out the appropriate insurance policy options to cover you which can potentially save you thousands of pounds in the event of a claim.

As a hairdresser or a beauty therapist you will inevitably be in close contact with members of the public. You should consider the difference between Public Liability cover and Treatment Risk cover. If you injure a customer while cutting their hair or performing a beauty treatment on them you would need to have Treatment Risk cover on your insurance  policy to cover you against claims of injury as a result of the treatment you have performed.

A Hairdressers and Salon Insurance policy is a package based product that includes the relevant covers for theft or damage of stock, damage to contents, improvements, fixtures and fittings, damage to glass,  blinds & signs, theft of money,  goods in transit, business interruption, rent/lease payments cover,  employers liability, public & products liability and legal expenses. You should also request Treatment Risk cover in addition to the standard covers provided.

As well as your material contents, you have employees and customers to consider. Having many people in your premises means that accidents may occur so you need to be insured against accidents that may occur which are not their fault. Employer’s liability insurance is required by law so this must be included in your insurance policy. Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement but we recommend you have it to ensure that you do not have to pay out potentially large sums of money should a customer have an accident.

We understand that every business, large or small, is different so we offer policy options which can be tailored to the needs of your company.

Covers Recommended

Employers’ Liability – claims arising from injury to employees

It is a legal requirement to hold employers’ liability insurance if you have any employees working for you

Public Liability – accidental injury to members of the public at your premises or damage to their property

Product Liability – injury property damage caused by a faulty product that your business designs, manufactures or supplies

Legal – defending your business against legal action where this isn’t covered by your liability insurance; for example, in an employment tribunal

Contents – physical damage to your fixtures and fittings, tenants improvements,  contents, computers and other business  equipment

Stock – the cost of replacing your stock (at cost price) if it is damaged or stolen

Goods in Transit – loss of or damage to your goods while being carried in your vehicle(s) as part of your trading activities.

Money Cover – following theft from your premises

Business Interruption – loss of revenue as a result of a material damage claim

Portable Equipment – such as Laptops, Mobile Phones and Cameras

Glass – replacement of internal or external glass at your premises following physical damage

Treatment Risks – provides cover in case you cause injury to a person you are or have applied a treatment to (e.g. hairdresser, beautician, tattooist, body piercing or other similar trades)

Optional Extras

You also have the option to add a range of other covers to your policy:

Buildings – (if you are responsible for insuring the building) ensures that your office building is covered for a number of risks, including fire, flooding and storm damage

Theft by Employees – cover for loss of money or property belonging to you as a direct result of an act of fraud or dishonesty by an employee

Computer Breakdown – cover for your equipment and damage to computer records

Terrorism – cover for material damage and business interruption if your business is directly affected by terrorism

Excess Protection – cover for your policy excess in the event of a claim

You may also be interested in:

Directors and Officers – covers the cost of compensation to a customer if a claim is made against one of your business directors or other staff (not if the claim is made against your organisation as a whole)

Cyber Protection – if your business collects personal data you should consider protection in the event of a breach of data protection laws or malicious data attacks

Motor Legal Expenses and Courtesy Car – Oncover Insurance offers Motor Legal Expenses and Courtesy Car cover to all our clients


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