Six helpful and handy tips to look out for when you want to obtain insurance quotes

October 7, 2019 1:00 pm Published by
  1. When a flood occurred Declaring a flood in your property can affect how much you pay
  2. When a bankruptcy happened, Having a bankruptcy can also increase your home insurance quote by a significant amount
  3. The extent of your no-claims record: Your no-claims discount can help lower the cost of your home insurance premium. Some insurers will acknowledge up to 10 or even 15 claims-free years. However, all four comparison sites we looked at only allowed ‘nine or more years’ as the maximum you could declare
  4. Your whereabouts at weekends: The amount of time you spend at home helps insurers determine the security of your property and possessions. In one of our scenarios, one of the properties is not occupied at weekends.
  5. Trees near your property Home insurers are wary of large trees near a property, so they’ll cmmonly check when you apply.
  6. Ignored excess requests: The voluntary excess is the amount you would be happy to pay if you need to make a claim. A higher voluntary excess usually makes quotes cheaper, while a lower one is likely to mean your quote will be more expensive.

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