Would You Believe it? Who Let The Dogs Out?

June 6, 2016 11:18 am Published by

After leaving their dogs at home for a few hours, a couple returns to find that their dogs had turned on the water tap in their already full kitchen sink. The water had overflowed into the rest of the house, so when the couple opened the front door they found the dogs having a field day frolicking in the flooded hallway.

When you buy a piece of outdoor yard art, the last thing you’d expect is for it to set your house on fire, but that’s exactly what happened to this unlucky client. Turns out the glass was positioned in just the right (or wrong) direction, and it perfectly focused the rays of the midday sun into an intense, laser-like beam that set the porch on fire.

While it’s true that dogs are man’s best friend, it’s also true that pizza is a dog’s best friend. So when a dog saw an untended pizza box on the top of a stove, it was too tempting to ignore. In the process of clawing his way onto the stove, the dog turned the burners on high. Next thing the pyromaniac pooch’s owner knew, that pizza box had become a very nasty kitchen fire. Happily, no people, or canines, were hurt.

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