Would You Believe It? Motorcyclist Caught At 110mph Has 46 Points

February 1, 2016 11:06 am Published by

A motorcyclist caught doing 110mph with no insurance or MOT already has 46 points on his licence, police have revealed.

Norfolk and Suffolk police caught the rider, who was carrying a pillion passenger on the A47 near Norwich at around 3pm on Saturday and found the bike was also un-roadworthy and the MOT had lapsed in 2008.

The force revealed on Twitter that the bike, which looks to us like a 1990 Honda CBR600F sans fairing, had ‘rear tyre defective, cables preventing steering, speedo dangling at wheel & seat not fixed’.

The tweet added also added that the rider is currently holding 46 points on their licence.

Another tweet about the same incident said: Norwich rider at 110mph with pillion on back. Rider no insurance, MOT ran out 2008 or tax.’

The force has posted a number of tweets about speeding riders, with pictures taken from a police motorcyclist’s helmet camera.

A post yesterday said the road casualty reduction team ‘have been working on A47 again today. This rider was stopped at nearly 90mph. On check rear tyre bald & no insurance!’.

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