Nine of the weirdest insurance policies taken out revealed…

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We are always banging on about how important it is to have good insurance policies in place. After all, you never know what is around the corner! But while home, car, life and travel insurance will protect against most of life’s little surprises; have you ever thought you would cope financially if you were abducted by an alien? Or injured by a falling piece of satellite? No? Well the good news is that insurers are now offering a whole host of strange policies that will reassure even the most paranoid people. Here are some of them…


Alien abduction


Insurers now offer a host of policies to stem your fear of being abducted by little green men. You can purchase specific policies to protect yourself against alien examination, death caused by aliens and even alien pregnancy! There are also policies to protect against transformation into a werewolf or vampire. But if you are claiming on your werewolf cover I’d advise you to phone up your provider while you’re in human form!




Back in 2008 the tabloid press went crazy for all of a few minutes when NASA revealed that an out of control spy satellite was hurtling towards earth. In fact, old satellites plummet back to earth all the time and are usually disposed of via controlled re-entry into the Pacific Ocean. However if you are still worried, Lloyd’s of London offer policies that cover for death or injury caused by a piece of disintegrating satellite falling from space. But whether it covers you if you’re injured by a satellite while on a cruise in the Pacific Ocean is unclear!


Winning the lottery


Ever the insurance pioneers, Lloyd’s also offers policies that will protect an employer if two or more of their staff win the lottery and decide not to return to work. Essential cover for bosses whose employees play the lottery in a syndicate every week!


Loch Ness monster


Cutty Sark Whisky ran a competition back in the 70s offering £1m to anyone who could capture the Loch Ness monster alive. But fearing that someone would actually turn up with Nessy wedged into their boot expecting the prize, the company also took out a policy insuring against anyone capturing the famous Scottish beast!


ET device


Cutty Sark’s Loch Ness Monster trick obviously worked well because they also began offering a £1m prize to anyone who could produce an authentic extra-terrestrial device. And again, they also took out a policy to protect themselves against anyone actually winning!


Immaculate Conception


I’ve often wondered if a flood insurance policy would pay out in the event of a religious flood equivalent to that experienced by Noah. It should! After all, insurance is now available that allows women protect their chastity against Immaculate Conception.


According to an insurance insider, there are around 100 of these biblical policies in place and they’re particularly popular among women named Mary!

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