Insurance firms granted power to check on drivers’ records before offering a quote

July 21, 2014 3:16 pm Published by

Insurance companies will be given the power to check whether drivers have speeding points or prior convictions before offering them a quote, under a new scheme unveiled today


As part of the Government’s roll out of online services, information held by the DVLA will now be made available over the internet to insurers as well as drivers themselves.


The Association of British Insurers estimates that the move could save “honest” motorists up to £15 a year on their premiums.


Currently around 23 per cent of motorists do not accurately disclose their driving record when applying for insurance – including disqualifications. While it will not be compulsory to allow insurance companies access to your DVLA record, failure to do so will result in either no quote being offered or a much higher quote than would otherwise be the case.


The online motoring records are one of 25 public services due to go online over the next two years.


By 2015 an estimated 1.3 million students will be able to apply for loans using the website, 46 million people will be able to register to vote and 10 million people will be able to fill in their self-assessment tax forms.


Ministers claim that digitalising Government services will help save the Exchequer, individuals and businesses £1.2bn by the next election

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